e-guitar-electric-guitar-15919I teach beginning and intermediate guitar. Unless you tell me differently I’ll teach you the basics of blues and rock, and we’ll also learn whatever songs you would like to learn. My lessons work on electric or acoustic guitars.

reading music: don’t want to? don’t have to!

You don’t have to know how to read music and you don’t even have to learn to read music if you don’t want to. If you do want to learn — and there are some cool benefits — I can teach you.

I don’t work from any specific lesson books. When needed, I create tablature, lead sheets, chord charts and other written aids for you.

music theory

I teach all my students just enough music theory to help you play better but not so much theory that your eyes roll back in your head and you pass out from boredom. (But I could talk theory all day, I’m a nerd that way.)

how to play by ear, jam, improvise, and create songs

From the beginning I teach the fundamentals you need to be able to improvise guitar solos on the spot! No, you won’t be able to do it after one lesson, but you’ll learn the framework that all guitarists use, and apply your own creativity to the mix!

If you want to write your own songs I can teach you how chords fit together and how to select unusual chords that will fit in with your song and give it a unique sound.

I can also teach you to recognize chord patterns and progressions when you hear them so you can eventually play songs you’ve heard by ear!


Is “Skype” a place? That’s where I teach. I also have an account on JamKazam and can conduct lessons in that online environment.

contact me

Please drop me a note to check my availabilty and get pricing for lessons.

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